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Zoey & Remi's Litter
Born on
November 10, 2021
7 Males
3 Females

IMG_1485 2.heic
IMG_1488 2.heic
IMG_1497 2.jpg

Benson-Black Tri Boy $4,000

BW-7.9 oz

4 weeks- 2lb 2oz ADOPTED

Crew- TEDDYBlack Tri Boy $4,000

BW- 8.5 oz.

4 weeks- 2lb 10oz CREW ADOPTED

Duncan- White Tri Parti Boy$4,000

BW-8.6 oz

4 weeks- 2lb 13oz ADOPTED

IMG_1508 2.jpg

Elliot- Phantom Tri Boy $4,000


4 weeks- 2lb 11oz ADOPTED

IMG_1516 2.jpg

Forrest- White Tri Parti Boy $4,000

BW-7.5 oz

4 weeks- 2lb 9oz ADOPTED

IMG_1524 2.jpg

Gaige- Phantom Tri Boy $4,000

BW-9.5 oz

 4 weeks- 3lbs ADOPTED

IMG_1534 2.jpg

Hawkins White Tri Parti Boy $4,000


4 weeks- 2lb 6oz ADOPTED

IMG_1538 2.jpg

Izzy- Phantom Tri Girl $4,000 

BW-9.8 oz

4 weeks-2lb 14oz ADOPTED


Jade- White Tri Parti Girl $4,000


4 weeks- 2lb 10oz  ADOPTED

IMG_1551 2.jpg

Kezi-TEDDY Phantom Tri $4,000


4 weeks- 2lb 1 oz ADOPTED

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