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Oscar is loved, "Thanks for everything you made 2 boys (and 2 adults) very happy!!!!!" "No one can believe how he can just sit in a chair and snuggle during a softball game." (Oscar's Mom)

Zephy full grown. Pup from the Oct. 2019 Litter. The family takes him all over on the subway. Absolutely love him!


"I took Jax to the vet & everybody loved him. My Yorkie used to hide under the chair every time she went. It was great to see Jax unafraid & playing with everyone." My daughter and husband just love him too!" (Jax's Mom)

"I will never cut those eyelashes. I could make him an instagram star.":) 


Zoey & Remi's "Vivi" Frankie- Everyone LOVES her! She's such a sweet and smart dog. The best! Frankie's Mom


"I can't believe I waited 45 years to get a dog. He is literally like a 3rd child for me." (Campbells Mom)

IMG_8837 2.jpg
"Windsor" Brisi Zoey & Remi. You have no idea, he's GORGEOUS! Everyone comments he is the cutest dog they have ever seen! He is a home boy. Brisi's Mom