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Successful Puppy Adoption: Where to Start

Bringing an F1B Tiny Bernedoodle puppy into your life is a heartwarming experience, but it also requires careful planning, dedication, and training to ensure both you and your furry friend enjoy a harmonious life together. Here are key factors to consider when adopting and training your tiny Bernedoodle puppy.

Successful Puppy Adoption: Start Well

  • Breeder Selection: Choose a reputable breeder to ensure you're getting a healthy and well-cared-for puppy. Research their background, references, and reviews to make an informed choice. We think you've already found a great one since you're here -- check out our home page to learn more about Choice Bernedoodles.

  • Health Checks: Ensure your puppy receives a thorough health check from a veterinarian shortly after adoption. This establishes a baseline for their health and helps detect any underlying issues.

Puppy Training:

  • Early Socialization: Start socializing your tiny Bernedoodle puppy as early as possible. Expose them to various people, animals, environments, and experiences to build confidence and prevent fearfulness. You will find they have had a great start with that here at Choice Bernedoodles.

  • Basic Obedience: Begin basic obedience training right away. Teach essential commands like "sit," "stay," "come," and "leave it." Consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement are key to successful training.

  • Potty Training: Establish a regular bathroom schedule and be patient during the potty training process. Reward your puppy for going in the designated area and clean up accidents promptly. When your puppy isn't being played with keep them on a leash or in a fenced area. It's best not to give them a chance to fail. Which they will tend to do when they don't have eyes on them.

  • Crate Training: Crate training helps with housebreaking and provides your puppy with a safe, comfortable space. Introduce the crate gradually and use it for short periods initially.

  • Leash Training: Teach your Tiny Bernedoodle to walk on a leash without pulling. Use positive reinforcement and reward them for walking calmly by your side.

  • Social Manners: Train your puppy to have good social manners, including polite greetings with people and other dogs. Discourage jumping up or excessive barking.

Puppy Supplies:

  • Prepare Your Home: Puppy-proof your home by removing hazards and providing a safe environment. Keep toxic substances, small objects, and electrical cords out of reach.

  • Necessary Supplies: Stock up on essential puppy supplies, including food, water bowls, a collar and leash, a crate, toys, grooming tools, and a comfortable bed.

  • We've built a list of some of our favorite puppy supplies, check out that blog post here.

Puppy Care:

  • Regular Vet Visits: Schedule regular veterinary check-ups and vaccinations according to your vet's recommendations. Discuss preventive care, such as flea and tick control and heartworm prevention. Make sure to take your vaccination schedule provided by Choice Bernedoodles with you for their first visit.

Nuvet Plus puppy immune system supplement overview
  • Nutrition: Provide your puppy with a balanced and age-appropriate diet. Consult your vet for dietary recommendations to support healthy growth. A great supplement we give to our adult dogs is from www.NUVET.COM Order Code: 305094.

Patience and Consistency:

  • Be Patient: Remember that puppies are still learning, and accidents and mistakes are part of the process. Stay patient, and avoid harsh punishments. Remember it's a little like having a new born in your home.

  • Consistency: Maintain a consistent routine for feeding, potty breaks, and training sessions. This helps your puppy understand what is expected of them.

Professional Help:

Consider Professional Training: If you encounter behavioral challenges or want advanced training, consider enrolling your Tiny Bernedoodle in a puppy training class or consulting a professional dog trainer. My brother in Illinois is a great trainer! Contact him on ig @Darrelstrainingcenter or In the future we hope to share some blogs from him with some great training tips.

Enjoy the Journey:

Cherish Every Moment: Successful puppy adoption then raising a Tiny Bernedoodle puppy is an incredibly rewarding journey. Embrace the joys of bonding, playing, and watching your puppy grow into a well-behaved adult dog.

By considering these factors and investing time and effort into training and care, you can provide your Tiny Bernedoodle puppy with the best start in life. Remember that the early months are a critical period for shaping their behavior and building a strong bond, so savor every moment of this precious time together.


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