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Our Retired Parents

We've had the opportunity to have some of the best F1 Bernedoodle momma's and mini poodle papas on the roster at Choice Bernedoodles. Meet some of our parents who have retired to a life of family pet.

Meet Remington

Meet Remi, short for Remington. Remi is a super smart, lovable, 14 lb, black and tan phantom, miniature poodle. 


Remi fathered puppies from 2020 - 2023. His offspring typically matured at anywhere from 18 to 35 lbs. 


Meet Zoey Faith

Zoey is our fun-loving, outgoing registered Miniature Bernedoodle Mama. She is 35 lbs and our little bossy Mama demands all the pets. She retired from her Mama life and lives in our home with us. 

Zoey is the first Bernedoodle we adopted. We adopted her from my parents’ home in Illinois at Bernedoodles of the Open Prairie. They adopted their first Bernese Mountain dogs in 2010 and have been breeding mini Bernedoodles for the last decade. We strive to put the same top notch care into our puppies. 

Meet Linus

Linus sired our first litters. His puppies were a variety of beautiful colors. Sable, Parti and Black tri were some of them. He was a quiet sweet 13lb miniature poodle. He came from the same home that Remington came from.

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